Contact police or council?

Anti-social behaviour is any aggressive, intimidating or destructive activity that damages or destroys another person's quality of life. It can make an area frightening and unpleasant to live, work and relax in.

This is not right, which is why the police, Redbridge Council and other public and voluntary organisations use their powers to get to the root of the problem and take action to stop it.

There are many different types of anti-social behaviour and in some cases other local authorities are responsible for dealing with anti-social behaviour issues. Please have a look at these lists to see which organisation would deal with your issue.

Police responsibility

  • Dealing or taking drugs and drinking alcohol in the street
  • Gangs and youths drinking in parks
  • Harassment or intimidation
  • Hoax calls to emergency services
  • Misuse of fireworks
  • Prostitution and indecent behaviour
  • Vandalism
  • Begging

Council responsibility

  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Drinking alcohol on the street within designated PSPO areas
  • Dog fouling
  • Fly posting or graffiti
  • Littering, fly tipping or waste on land
  • Lost or stray dogs or dead animals
  • Noise nuisance
  • Syringes or needles

Always report anti-social behaviour. By making us aware we can help your community.